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We offer the following services:

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Do you know if your safety switch will work in the event of an electrical accident? Is your family protected? It is recommended that a manual trip test be performed every 6 months to ensure your safety. Without regular maintanance they may not trip in time, or at all.

Are you getting the most out of your solar panels? Did you know dirty panels can lose up to 25% of their original efficiency? Did you know you can add more panels to your existing system to increase your energy production?


Don't have solar? Call and chat to us about our CEC certified solar installations and design.

Cut your electricity bill by replacing your conventional lights with the latest low-wattage efficient LED lighting. Long term $avings make these a very worthy investment. Dimmers are also a great way to save on power and add ambience to any room.

Give your home theatre a professional look with concealed wires and tidy installations of speakers, including in-ceiling speakers, and flat screen televisions.

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Power points can also be installed in locations that are most convenient for you. These include weather-proof power points to support garden lighting, fountains, etcetera.

Replace your old fuses with resetable user-friendly circuit-breakers and sleep at night knowing your new switchboard is weather-proof and mechanically reliable.

Installation of television aerials and restoration of signal/reception.

Oven, element & thermostat repairs, rangehood repairs and lighting replacements.

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We use only the safest hard-wired (with backup battery) photoelectric smoke alarms which are designed to 'see' smoke before a fire occurs.


Installing, repositioning, testing and replacing photoelectric alarms according to the Australian Compliance Code is an integral way to safeguard your home and family.


We thoroughly test all alarms with artificial smoke. 

Hot water service installation and repairs including thermostat and element repairs.


Timers eliminate wasteful use of electricity. Fitting a hard-wired timer switch to your solar hot water system will save hundreds of dollars over time.

For rental property managers and owners, we provide efficient assistance and support your rental properties. We are fully licenced and insured and provide prompt, cost-effective service to you.

Install, replace or upgrade your security sensor lighting for peace-of-mind.

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Installation of new ovens, cooktops and if necessary, new circuits.

All of your electrical requirements for home improvements including sheds and patios.

Add a fan to cool that hot room or above your outdoor setting.

We can help you choose the locations and sizes of your air conditioning unit/s. We've also got installations and maintenance covered. 

Stay cool in our humid summers, and toasty in those nippy Winter mornings and evenings.

Includes: professional testing with artificial smoke and replacement batteries on up to 2 smoke alarms. Also includes safety switch testing!

Smoke alarm service contract

Available on new & existing installations



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